So, no new updates, huh?


As if! The first thing can be found in the upper right corner of this page. Yeah, right. There´s now also a soundcloud  channel and a twitter  feed of the haunted studios.

Furthermore the recording of the next demo is approaching. But since this will happen after the trip with Sinbreed  to the ProgPower USA 2012 Festival this month, I will keep the details about that for a later update.

Meanwhile visit the facebook-page for any news.

Wound - Confess to Filth EP Review


The guys over at Necroslaughter  were the first to review the "Confess to Filth - Demo".
It sounds great and I can assure you: they are totally right! Ha Ha.

You can find the review (german) here .

For more information visit Necroslaughters facebook-page .

Wound - Confess to Filth EP Release


Wound - Tapes

Everything worked fine and the tapes were delivered just in time. The demo features 6 tracks on a pro printed tape with lyric sheet and a sticker (limited to 152 copies) = 4,- EUR!!! Available through Weedhunter-Records .

Don´t forget that the guys from Wound are awesome enough to give the digital version of this demo away for free!!!
The zip-archive contains all songs incl. the cover plus the lyric sheet (no sticker due to technical reasons...). Click here  to download.

For more information visit Wounds facebook-page .

Wound - Confess to Filth EP


Wound - Confess to Filth

The Demo of old-school-death-metallers "Wound" has been mixed and mastered at the haunted studios. The tape will be released through Weedhunter-Records .
Be sure to check them out in "Mainz, Haus Mainusch"  on 2012-06-03. Doors will be open at 19:00h; this will be the first chance to get one of those strictly limited first edition copies.

Starting on 2012-06-03 the EP will also be available as high-quality mp3 Download from! Click here  to download.

For more information visit Wounds facebook-page .

Wound - Drum recordings complete


Wound - Drum recordings

Mr. Appel delivered a series of killing one-takes and went through a total of 6 songs (plus one Intro) in one day!!! BÄÄÄM! BÄÄÄM! BÄÄÄM!

Kudos go to Belzor from dBelz  for lending us some of his fine equipment. Thanks man!

For more information visit Wounds facebook-page .