3 months after I was asked to play the bass among these filthy old school deathers we started to record the EP "Confess to Filth". It was released in June 2012 as strictly limited tapes(!). The first shows, the feedback from fans as well as the reviews so far have been overwhelming. Besides the limited tapes Wound offers this complete release as a digital download: Click here  to download the zip-archive.

For more information visit Wounds facebook-page.

Listen to "Pandemonic" from the "Confess to Filth" Demo below:

Pandemonic Pandemonic

Flames of the End

The Flames of the End Demo was the first one I realised from writing to playing to recording all by myself. That was back in the winter 2005/2006. The musical direction is based somewhere between death, trash and metal riffs.

Listen to "Destroy to Recreate" & "Epitaph" from the "Demo 2005" below:

Destroy to recreate Destroy to recreate     Epitaph Epitaph


Sinbreed is the project around Flo Laurin who joined forces with dedicated artists of the european metal scene. The blistering combination of speed, melodic and aggressive arrangements combined with high and soaring vocals characterizes Sinbreed´s distinctive Power Metal.
The Members of Sinbreed are Frederik Ehmke (Blind Guardian) on Drums, Herbie Langhans (Seventh Avenue) on vocals, Alexander Schulz on bass and Flo Laurin who handles Guitars and Keys.
For the mixing and mastering of the Album "When Worlds Collide" the Band decided to work together with the highly acclaimed producer Markus Teske, famous for his works with Symphony X, Vanden Plas, Neal Morse among others.

For more information visit Sinbreeds facebook-page.


This massive project around Flo Böll and Alexander Schulz evolves since late 2009. Bearing a greater concept in mind since the beginning the songs evolved into a direction that both musicians had not thought of. Numerous subtle melody lines and leads take turns with powerful and straight riffs.
The album "Krieg den Palästen" (Death to the palaces) is being pre-produced in the haunted studios and will be mixed and mastered at Eckton Studio.

Listen to "Zeit" from the pre-production files:

Zeit Zeit (Pre-Production)


Entkrist´s style is best described as a blend of guitar driven, solemn, sometimes melancholic kind of black metal. By heavy use of acoustic as well as classical instruments it delivers a dense atmosphere.


During the songwriting for Entkrist loads of acoustic pieces came up that wouldn´t all fit into an Entkrist release. So the idea of gathering all those parts and turn them into independent songs grew. The exclusive use of acoustic instruments assisted by few virtual instruments picks up a melancholic notion similar to the Entkrist songs but presented in a much calmer way.